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9-1 Length and Area of Roads by District and Kind
Excel 97 68KB
9-2 Pavement by District
Excel 97 61KB
9-3 Length and Area of Roads by District and Width
Excel 97 71KB
9-4 Number, Length and Area of Bridges by Structure, District and Kind of Roads
Excel 97 56KB
9-5 Number, Length and Area of Pedestrian Bridges by District and Kind of Roads
Excel 97 46KB
9-6 Motor Vehicles
Excel 97 33KB
9-7 Motor Vehicles and Charged Parking Places by District
Excel 97 70KB
9-8 Passengers of East Japan Railway Company by Station
Excel 97 70KB
9-9 Operation Facilities and Operating Results of Metropolitan Transportation
(1) Operation Facilities
Excel 97 28KB
(2) Operating Results of Metropolitan Trams
Excel 97 37KB
(3) Operating Results of Metropolitan Buses
Excel 97 36KB
9-10 Transportation of Private Railways
Excel 97 43KB
9-11 Passengers of Private Railways by Station
Excel 97 181KB
9-12 Transportation of Subways
(1) Tokyo Subway Company
Excel 97 26KB
(2) Metropolitan
Excel 97 30KB
9-13 Passengers of Subways by Station
Excel 97 98KB
9-14 Quantity of Freight Transported through Japan Freight Railway Company by Station
Excel 97 32KB
9-15 Quantity Transported of Trucks
Excel 97 31KB
9-16 Transportation of Passenger Cars
Excel 97 31KB
9-17 Transportation by Air
(1) Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
Excel 97 70KB
(2) Narita International Airport
Excel 97 69KB
(3) Other Airports (Domestic)
Excel 97 86B
9-18 Number and Gross Tonnage of Vessels Entered (Port of Tokyo)
Excel 97 67KB
9-19 Number and Gross Tonnage of Arrived Vessels by Tonnage Group (Port of Tokyo)
Excel 97 43KB
9-20 Vessel Passengers by Line (Port of Tokyo)
Excel 97 45KB
9-21 Number and Gross Tonnage of Entering Vessels (Harbors of Islands)
Excel 97 30KB
9-22 Vessel Passengers by Harbor (Harbors of Islands)
Excel 97 31KB
9-23 Persons Who Departed from Japan by 5 Year Age Group and Sex
Excel 97 33KB
9-24 Ordinary Warehousing
Excel 97 51KB
9-25 Post Offices by District
Excel 97 47KB
9-26 Acceptance of Domestic Ordinary Mail
Excel 97 39KB
9-27 Subscriptions by Telephones Kind And Public Telephones
Excel 97 39KB ※It corrected. 3/7/2013
9-28 Number of Outgoing Calls by Telephone Kind and Top 5 Destination Prefecture
(1) Calls by Fixed Telephones
Excel 97 27KB
(2) Calls by Cellular and Automobile Telephones
Excel 97 31KB
(3) Calls by Personal Handy-phone System
Excel 97 26KB
9-29 Wire Broadcasting Facilities
Excel 97 30KB

Management and Coordination Section,
Statistics Division, Bureau of General Affairs
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